U – Tow Concrete Trailer Rentals

(Only available at the Battle Ground location)

Our U Tow Concrete Trailers are tow-behind ready mix trailers that attach to your 2” hitch ball. The trailers have a drum that spins to keep your concrete well mixed. Concrete pricing comes with a 2 hour rental.

We have received positive feedback on how impressive, manageable, and convenient these trailers are.

Concrete Pricing

Concrete Cubic Yards
1/2 3/4 1
3,000 PSI (5 Sack)
Fence Posts, Sidewalks and Patios
$180 $198 $215
4,000 PSI (6 Sack)
Driveways, Footings and Steps
$190 $213 $235
4,500 PSI (7 Sack)
Critical Footings and High Use Areas
$200 $238 $255

Add-on Rental Options

We recommend scheduling a rental a few days in advance. 

Call the Battle Ground location at 360-666-6718  and reserve one of our U Tow Concrete trailers

Requirements for renting a U-Tow Concrete Trailer 

  • Valid driver’s license and insurance card (for the person towing the trailer)
  • 2” ball for trailer hitch. (We have available for a rental fee)
  • A full-size vehicle with at least 5,000 lbs of towing capacity. 

Extra charges 

  • If not returned by agreed time, a late charge of $100 per hour will be charged until the trailer is returned. Any trailer not brought back by closing time will accrue an additional $200 fee.
  • $100 cleaning and disposal fee if trailer has not been cleaned or has leftover product in it. 
  • Customer is responsible for any charges due to loss or damage of the trailer.